Memphis Music Pt. 2

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Still On Top

Another week, another win for the Tennessee Titans. We beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-20. All I can say is, shoutout to the defense!! They picked off Flacco twice and held four rushers to a total of 73 yards. Kevin Byard, the NFL leader in interceptions, continued his hot streak getting those two picks. Now to be honest, the offense was mediocre and continues to confuse me. First off, we didn’t do what we do best: RUN THE BALL. We were absent of a run game for the majority of the game and only totaled 71 yards. Secondly, the inconsistency on offense, between the 2 halves, have to be corrected. We played great first half, resulting in 16 points. However, we came out in the second half flat and only scored one TD. This is the opposite of what the Titans offense has been all year. We’ve been a slow, grinding offense that tires teams out first half and then break out second half. That’s the confusing part. We’re a one half team on offense and don’t know which half we’ll be clicking. Despite the trash second half, there were some bright spots for the offense: We finally improved in the redzone, Mariota/Davis/Walker/Cyprien all looked healthy, and the offense did look good on their final drive to put the game away. We have things to work on but we have enough to get the dub this week. This team is still promising. We have the talent and we’re putting it together. We’re still on top of the AFC South and we’re trending upwards. #TitanUp

The Grind Continues

It’s been an interesting, exciting start to the NBA season for the Memphis Grizzlies and all the Grit ‘N’ Grind fans. With the departure of Tony Allen and Z Bo, the future and play style of the team was uncertain to begin the season. However, the grind has continued from past seasons. The boys are currently top dogs in the West, with a 5-2 record. Those 5 wins includes 2 games against the Rockets and one versus the Warriors.┬áThis is the best start of season since the 2012 – 2013 season, the same season we went to the Western Conference Finals. The dirty, gritty, tough nosed defensive style is still the bread and butter of the squad. However the addition of Tyreke Evans and the return of a healthy Parsons and Chalmers, has given the team more youth, speed, shooting, and floor spacing. The Grit ‘N’ Grind ain’t dead. It’s just evolving. This team is putting the league on notice and definitely playoff bound, barring no major injuries. How good do you think the squad is this year?


After 2 straight weeks of impressive wins and performances, the Titans and Redskins dropped the ball this week.

The Titans stomped the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3. The Titans looked poised to continue their success against their division rivals, the Houston Texans in Week 4. The Titans have struggled against the Texans for 4 straight seasons, but this year looked to be the of that era. However, rookie QB Deshaun Watson shredded the Titans defense for 57 POINTS!! The final score was 57-14

The Redskins played the Kansas City Chiefs for primetime Monday night football. The Redskins having been impressive. the last 2 weeks, with wins over the Rams and Raiders, but no one gave them a shot at beating the undefeated Chiefs. Everyone was right about them not winning, but were surprised at how well they played. Redskin’s QB Kirk Cousins threw a perfect, game winning TD pass to WR Josh Doctson but he couldn’t manage to hang out to it. Chiefs pulled out the W with a score 29-20

The Titans play the Dolphins next week. The Redskins play the 49ers next week. Do you think these teams will bounce back?!


What BBQin’ Really Is

I’m from Memphis so BBQ is ingrained in me, but I think many of us can agree, there’s nothing like some good meat hot off the grill. While BBQ is insanely delicious, it’s so much more than that. Grilling brings friends and families together. BBQs are often a place of laughter, memories, and Spades. Grilling is a way to express the love your have for the people you’re cooking for. Grilling is hard work. Have you ever stood over a hot grill for 7 hours on the 4th of July? Trust me, you’ll crash afterwards. Grilling is art. No two people grill their food the same way. BBQ isn’t just food. It is hard work, creativity, and love. It just happens to be mouth-watering also.