Wizards or Witches?

Who are the Washington Wizards this year? It’s hard to tell with their 5-5 record. They have some qualities wins against Raptors, Nuggets, and Pistons. However, they’ve blown a 22 pt lead against the Suns, lost to the Lakers in OT, and let Bron put 57 on they head. Beal and Wall continue to say they are the best team in the East after all this. Personally, I’ll believe it when actions back those statements. I do like the confidence and The Wiz definitely have the best backcourt in the East. The rest of the team is unsure though. They will make the playoffs, due to the incompetence in the Eastern conference. Will they make any real noise in the playoffs? Can Wall and Beal carry the team? Can they beat Lebron or the Celtics? Is this a team of wizards or witches? This team seems confused and we’ll see how they manage this season.


After 2 straight weeks of impressive wins and performances, the Titans and Redskins dropped the ball this week.

The Titans stomped the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 and the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3. The Titans looked poised to continue their success against their division rivals, the Houston Texans in Week 4. The Titans have struggled against the Texans for 4 straight seasons, but this year looked to be the of that era. However, rookie QB Deshaun Watson shredded the Titans defense for 57 POINTS!! The final score was 57-14

The Redskins played the Kansas City Chiefs for primetime Monday night football. The Redskins having been impressive. the last 2 weeks, with wins over the Rams and Raiders, but no one gave them a shot at beating the undefeated Chiefs. Everyone was right about them not winning, but were surprised at how well they played. Redskin’s QB Kirk Cousins threw a perfect, game winning TD pass to WR Josh Doctson but he couldn’t manage to hang out to it. Chiefs pulled out the W with a score 29-20

The Titans play the Dolphins next week. The Redskins play the 49ers next week. Do you think these teams will bounce back?!