The Washington Redskins pulled out a shocking win against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday. This was a game everyone, including myself, counted them out . Kirk Cousins came through with some late game heroics. With 90 seconds left on the clock, Captain Kirk drove the field with two dots for 31 and 38 yards. These 2 plays set up the Robert Kelley TD, to take the lead 17-14. Although Cousins was the hero of this game, the real MVP is the entire Skins defensive unit. Them boys came to play. They picked off Russell Wilson twice and did not allow him to make multiple big plays throwing on the run. They also held all Seahawk’s RBs to under 40 yards rushing. The front 7 and secondary both played great. They kept the game close enough to put Cousins in position to capitalize. Now some people may take this game with a grain of salt, because Blair Walsh missed 3 FGs. However, keep in mind, the Redskins won this game with only one starting offensive lineman and without Jordan Reed or Jamison Crowder. This was a staple win for the Redskins. These are the kind of victories to get runs started.


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