Fizz’d Out

The Memphis Grizzlies have fired Head Coach David Fizdale. This fire is following an embarrassing lose to the Brooklyn Nets. This lost was part of an eight game losing streak the team was on. Although the team was playing badly, this firing surprising to me and much of the basketball world. The Grizzlies were trying to figure out the exact identity of the team, while still dealing with new pieces and injuries to key players. A coaching change will only complicate, an already struggling team. The rumored problems between Fiz and Marc be major. How do you think this change will turn out? Do you think the Grizz can turn the season around without Fitz?


Memphis Music Pt. 2

Up and coming artist Adro with some visual dope for “Everything” off his new project Blufaces. Follow him on Twitter (@_Adro) and Instagram(@adromoney)

Blufaces available on Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal

Wizards or Witches?

Who are the Washington Wizards this year? It’s hard to tell with their 5-5 record. They have some qualities wins against Raptors, Nuggets, and Pistons. However, they’ve blown a 22 pt lead against the Suns, lost to the Lakers in OT, and let Bron put 57 on they head. Beal and Wall continue to say they are the best team in the East after all this. Personally, I’ll believe it when actions back those statements. I do like the confidence and The Wiz definitely have the best backcourt in the East. The rest of the team is unsure though. They will make the playoffs, due to the incompetence in the Eastern conference. Will they make any real noise in the playoffs? Can Wall and Beal carry the team? Can they beat Lebron or the Celtics? Is this a team of wizards or witches? This team seems confused and we’ll see how they manage this season.

Still On Top

Another week, another win for the Tennessee Titans. We beat the Baltimore Ravens 23-20. All I can say is, shoutout to the defense!! They picked off Flacco twice and held four rushers to a total of 73 yards. Kevin Byard, the NFL leader in interceptions, continued his hot streak getting those two picks. Now to be honest, the offense was mediocre and continues to confuse me. First off, we didn’t do what we do best: RUN THE BALL. We were absent of a run game for the majority of the game and only totaled 71 yards. Secondly, the inconsistency on offense, between the 2 halves, have to be corrected. We played great first half, resulting in 16 points. However, we came out in the second half flat and only scored one TD. This is the opposite of what the Titans offense has been all year. We’ve been a slow, grinding offense that tires teams out first half and then break out second half. That’s the confusing part. We’re a one half team on offense and don’t know which half we’ll be clicking. Despite the trash second half, there were some bright spots for the offense: We finally improved in the redzone, Mariota/Davis/Walker/Cyprien all looked healthy, and the offense did look good on their final drive to put the game away. We have things to work on but we have enough to get the dub this week. This team is still promising. We have the talent and we’re putting it together. We’re still on top of the AFC South and we’re trending upwards. #TitanUp


The Washington Redskins pulled out a shocking win against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday. This was a game everyone, including myself, counted them out . Kirk Cousins came through with some late game heroics. With 90 seconds left on the clock, Captain Kirk drove the field with two dots for 31 and 38 yards. These 2 plays set up the Robert Kelley TD, to take the lead 17-14. Although Cousins was the hero of this game, the real MVP is the entire Skins defensive unit. Them boys came to play. They picked off Russell Wilson twice and did not allow him to make multiple big plays throwing on the run. They also held all Seahawk’s RBs to under 40 yards rushing. The front 7 and secondary both played great. They kept the game close enough to put Cousins in position to capitalize. Now some people may take this game with a grain of salt, because Blair Walsh missed 3 FGs. However, keep in mind, the Redskins won this game with only one starting offensive lineman and without Jordan Reed or Jamison Crowder. This was a staple win for the Redskins. These are the kind of victories to get runs started.

Skins vs 12th Man

This has been a mediocre season for the Redskins. They currently sit at 3-4 and it looks to get worse. The team is suffering from either injuries or underperformance at the WR, RB, and Oline. They entered this week with over 20 players on the injury report. These injuries couldn’t come at a worst time. They lost to a tough opponent last week and now face off against the Seahawks in Seattle today. This would be a tough game for a completely healthy team. Therefore, I do not think the Redskins will have enough to overcome the injuries and beat the Seahawks. What is your prediction?